Our People

Dave Hare

He has been in the shipping container business in Management and Logistics for over 25 years, Initially in and around Europe, with spells in the US and Far East before moving to New Zealand 13 years ago to be the Operations Manager for United Containers limited covering New Zealand and Fiji. He brings all of his International knowledge and experience here to the New Manawatu Inland port and his hands on approach will drive the success of this newest of the inland port network. Dave is the transitional facility Operator for the Manawatu Inland Port.

Jojo Hare

Jojo started in the shipping port environment as a Park Crane Driver, being the first lady to do so in the Port of Felixstowe in the UK 16 years ago. Jojo is an experienced administrator, developing procedures and IT support mechanisms within the port environment, Jojo assists here on a part-time in administration and is the Deputy Transitional Facility Officer and A.P.

David Landy

I come from a Warehousing environment and look forward to bringing my experience to the Port to support the development of the business and strengthen the overall operations. I am keen to be part of the team as a the port, and being part of its growth and services.
I’m excited by the opportunity to learn and develop the new skills required to help the port to operate efficiently and an excited to be an active member shaping the future of the Inland Port. I find it really interesting and challenging to open a container door and then have to figure out how you are going to unpack different products safely and securely.

Adam Grove

I am the newly appointed Operations Manager, I come from a background of 11 years in Warehousing and Logistics in the fresh produce industry, managing the workflow of the warehouse operation, a transport operation and being an AP for 4 years I’ve learnt my way around container operations too. I am thrilled to be joining the team at the Manawatu Inland Port, bringing a fresh approach to the daily challenges, and assisting in the exponential growth that the port is undergoing. If you need something moved or stored then get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you!

Michel Latu

I come from a Transport and Logistics background with 9 years’ experience in operating forklifts, loading linehaul units taking cargo all over N.Z.

I appreciate the opportunity I have to upskill in operating different machinery, and knowledge at the Manawatu Inland Port. Everyday is different which is what I like. It’s definitely not a boring job.

James Rodie

I am born and bred in the Palmerston North / Longburn area and enjoy an active family and social life, and enjoy the lifestyle that the area has to offer.

I come from a warehousing environment with 2 years’ experience on a forklift. I’m excited for the opportunity to learn how to operate new machinery and learn more about warehousing and how the inland port is run. As well as being an active member of the team as the Port grows and expands.
I’m excited to join the team and look forward to bringing as much as I can to be an asset in the future of Manawatu Inland port .

Our Company Values

We pride ourselves on the professional service that we provide our customers.
We strive to uphold our company values every day in every aspect of what we do.


Offer professional and efficient logistics support services which benefit our clients, our staff and the community at large.


To act responsibly to our customers, shareholders, staff and the wider community ensuring the longevity, sustainability and security of the Manawatū Inland Port.


To carry out all our functions safely, diligently and responsibly with as minimal environmental impact as possible.


To be the first logistics support provider for the greater Manawatū region.



Three of the leading companies in the distribution and logistics sector of New Zealand. We are proud that these three companies make up the shareholders for the Manawatū Inland Port.

Napier Port

Napier Port is proud to be the shipping gateway connecting the centre of New Zealand with the people and markets of the world.


Ports of Auckland

Ports of Auckland is a container port owned by Auckland Council. It provides container terminal handling, bulk cargo handling, freight hubs, and support for the cruise industry and other services.


Halls Group

Hall’s substantial fleet comprises some of the most technologically advanced refrigerated equipment on New Zealand’s roads today, with an excess of 300 solid sided trailers are purpose-built for operation in New Zealand.


Our Region

Our region is strategically located at the geographic center of New Zealand. Its largest city, Palmerston North, acts as a central hub for the North Island with highway, rail and air connections to major centers and regions in all directions, creating a successful distribution and logistics center.

Whilst we boast our ever-growing distribution and logistics growth, we are also a center for creativity, education, innovation and science. Our region is home to three major tertiary education providers, more than the countries fair share of scientists and produces new and innovative products and concepts every year which shape the world we live in.

The region also provides a calm and peaceful work-life balance. A small city, and a heap of rural towns, we have affordable housing, short commutes, friendly people as well as a vibrant arts and theatre sector.



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