Access restrictions remain


Minimum PPE requirements for site access

  • High Visibility Clothing
  • Steel toe capped boots/shoes

Access Process

  • All vehicles should pull up to the electric gates and access will be granted to the yard/office area.
  • All drivers should report to the front reception office
  • All containers/trucks arriving are booked in subsequently out at this point.
  • All visitors are to be accompanied at all times by MIP representatives.
  • Contractors and Personnel working on site must undergo a full site induction process
  • Direct access from the ICEPAK site will be closed off. Any vehicles/personnel requiring access, must enter the site by means of the electrical gates.
  • No passengers or unauthorised people are allowed within the port complex, only those visitors directly involved in the business activities of the port.
  • No animals are allowed within the port area.

High Risk activities

  • We are working to highlight the risks of crossing the rail tracks to gain access
  • Additional warning lights are being installed soon. If these are activated (orange/red flashing lights) access will be temporarily suspended while a rail shunt is underway
  • In the interim please take note if the rail gates are open to the side of the electric gates.
  • NO ACCESS is allowed through the manual rail gates if they are in the open position.
  • Please wait for the crossing to be clear before approaching the electronic gate

Traffic Management

  • The Traffic Management Plan will form part of the vehicle arrival process. So booking is important.
  • The main Traffic Management plan is once a vehicle has cleared the reception/office and been given clearance to enter the yard the driver straight ahead until they approach the coolstore side of the depot then turn right and await loading or unloading.
  • Predominantly we will take containers off of trucks, and load to trucks with the doors to the left.
  • To exit the site the vehicles continue in a clockwise direction and head to the gates
  • The rail siding area must be kept clear at all times.

Visitor Parking

  • All visitors should report to the office upon entry.
  • Visitor parking is located in the area indicated at the side of the cross-dock facility.
  • Visitors may access through the electric gates and turn immediately right, just past the site signage and drive straight past the office to locate an available parking slot.
  • Visitors must follow the fence line to access the administration block.
  • The cross-dock and associated facility remain off limits to all unauthorized personnel.



  • Open Monday - Friday
  • 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Closed Saturday - Sunday