About Us

About Us

The Manawatū Inland Port is a leading provider of commercial import, export and warehouse services in the central North Island.

About Us

Situated at the heart of a flourishing distribution and logistics hub in the North Island, the Manawatū Inland Port is right in the logistics epicenter of the lower North Island. The preferred logistics support provider with untapped potential, right at your fingertips.

We are a one-stop shop. With our integrated rail system, we are connected to all of the major seaports in the North Island, making the transition from Manawatū to the world smoother, more efficient and cost-effective. We also have access to all major highways and a national airport at our door-step.

We have a range of services including MPI inspection, cross-dock facilities, dry storage, pack and unpack facilities, fumigation, container repairs and more.

The model of the Longburn freight hub has been designed to reduce time to clear imports/exports at busy major seaports such as the Inland Port’s major shareholder, Napier Port.

Instead, have containers shipped on rail or road to Manawatū where the clients are local, fumigate (if necessary), get MPI inspection clearance and send it on to customers and retailers via truck.

This is a faster, cheaper way to import goods to the Manawatū, this also means empty containers are not having to be driven from miles around, the Manawatū Inland Port will also hold onto empty containers, repair them if necessary and have them ready for exporters in the region.

This efficient model will save clients time and money while alleviating congestion at major ports and transporting freight in a more environmentally friendly fashion.

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Our Services

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.


Ministry for Primary Industries Transitional Facility

Our onsite MPI inspector is here to inspect incoming and outgoing containers for biosecurity risks. Because they lease office facilities on-site, this means we can work closely with them to ensure cargo is inspected, and actioned promptly, making the process cost and time effective as well as simple

Cross Dock Facility

We have a massive 1200m2 cross-dock facility for efficient pick and pack of containers and trucks. Used for sorting and storing, breaking down into smaller loads and consolidation of goods, it’s a fantastic facility that allows us to boast the quickest offload times in the country.

Product Storage

We have a massive range of storage operations, whether you’re looking for a long-term partnership or a quick one-off. Our dry store is nearly 2200m2 which can hold up to 6553 pallets of dry goods, as well as having access to Icepak’s cold storage which is also on site. Conveniently attached to our cross dock facility, it’s a quick transition from warehouse to truck to retail, anytime.

Container Hub and Repair

We have a vast range of dehired containers on site, which allows customers access quickly to this service getting their goods where they need to be much faster. To make transition times for the containers even quicker, we also have an onsite expert welder and fabricator who carries out repairs as and when necessary.

Quarantine Systems

To obtain New Zealand standard in importing, we quarantine and treat containers here on site. They come off the train, land on our fumo pad, they are then treated and unpacked within 48 hours. Keeping New Zealand’s borders safe from pests and disease is one of our top priorities.

Bulk Break Cargo Handling

For your product that is non-containerized, we are equipped to handle your cargo anyway it comes in. We want to ensure that the right equipment is being used to move your cargo efficiently.



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