Our Region

Our region is strategically located at the geographic center of New Zealand. Its largest city, Palmerston North, acts as a central hub for the North Island with highway, rail and air connections to major centers and regions in all directions, creating a successful distribution and logistics center.

Whilst we boast our ever-growing distribution and logistics growth, we are also a center for creativity, education, innovation and science. Our region is home two three major tertiary education providers, more than the countries fair share of scientists and produces new and innovative products and concepts every year which shape the world we live in.

The region also provides and calm and peaceful work-life balance. A small city, and a heap of rural towns, we have affordable housing, short commutes, friendly people as well as a vibrant arts and theatre sector.

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Our Business

Leading provider of import and export services in Manawatu, providing connection to the rest of the North Island for all import/export companies in the region.

With a bang in 2018, Dave Hare, manager of the Manawatu Inland Port was hired. Since then the business has thrived, striving to provide one of the best services in the Manawatu.

The model of the freight hub in Longburn has been designed to reduce time to clear imports/exports at the busy major sea ports such as two of the Ports major shareholders, Ports of Auckland and Napier Port. Instead, have containers shipped on rail to Manawatu where the clients are local, fumigate (if necessary), get MPI inspection clearance and send it on to customers and retailers via truck.

This is a faster, cheaper way to import goods to the Manawatu, this also means empty containers are not having to be driven from miles around, the Manawatu Inland Port will also hold onto empty containers, repair them if necessary and have them ready for exporters in the region.

This efficient model will save clients time and money while alleviating congestion at major ports and transporting freight in a more environmentally friendly fashion.

Our Values

Offer professional and efficient logistics support services which benefit our clients, our staff and the community at large.

To be the first option Logistics support provider for the greater Manawatu region.

To act responsibly to our customers, shareholders, staff and the wider community ensuring the longevity, sustainability and security of the Manawatu Inland Port.

To carry out all our functions safely, diligently and responsibly and with as minimal environmental impact as possible.

Our Shareholders

Ports of Auckland, Napier Port and Halls Group are the three businesses that make up our board. We are proud to be a ppart of such a skilled set of businesses.




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